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We are NedZero, the trade association for wind energy.

Our ambition is to make the entire Dutch energy system CO2-free.

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Wind energy is already the largest supplier of electricity in the Netherlands. By 2030, 75 percent of the electricity from our socket will come from wind turbines. Together with solar energy and advanced storage technologies such as batteries, compressed air and hydrogen, we can make our entire electricity system completely CO2-free within 10 years.

We believe that not only the electricity system, but the entire energy system should be made CO2-free. The growth of wind energy will continue even after 2030. Transport, buildings and especially industry will then switch to green energy on a large scale.

In the twentieth century, the Netherlands benefited greatly from fossil energy: oil, coal and gas. Increasing concerns about climate change and environmental impact have given sustainable energy from wind and sun an increasingly important place in our energy mix. Russia's invasion of Ukraine also shows that home-grown energy is a logical and necessary choice. Wind energy is clean, cheap and geopolitically sensible.

The Netherlands is building the largest wind farm in the world on the North Sea. Our offshore companies deliver innovative work with the largest ships and tallest cranes that will be followed worldwide in the coming decades.

On land, the last wind turbines of large parks are currently being completed. This largely exceeds the national target of 6,000 MW. Onshore wind can and should continue to grow in the coming years by replacing old parks (repowering) and new smaller parks that supply local energy to companies, farmers and citizens.

NedZero represents the entire Dutch wind energy sector, consisting of developers, owners, manufacturers, (maintenance) contractors, OEMs, consultants, port companies, knowledge institutions and investors.

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Together with our members, we strive for a strong wind sector and the necessary new policy for a green future.

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