The development of the wind sector does not stop at our border. International cooperation can make our energy system more affordable, sustainable and robust.

NedZero is committed to internationalization.

That is why we contribute to European policy-making in the field of wind energy.

We do this in close collaboration with WindEurope, the European trade association for the sector, with our sister organizations in the countries that are part of the NSEC, the North Seas Energy Cooperation and with the United Kingdom.

Many of our members are active internationally and are looking for market opportunities in other countries. We support our members to better position themselves on international markets. We do this, among other things, by presenting the Netherlands at international fairs, conferences and exhibitions.

Under the name Wind & Water Works, we work intensively with IRO HHWE and NMT and trade organizations that are also active in the offshore wind sector.

NedZero will initially focus on the markets around the North Sea, the Baltic Sea (as a partner of LinkedbyOffshoreWind) and possibly also on the Iberian Peninsula and in the future Ukraine.

The organization of export promotion activities is carried out by NedZero Productions.

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Together with our members, we strive for a strong wind sector and the necessary new policy for a green future.

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