Meet the NedZero team

Jan Vos Chairman
Bert van der Lingen Vice Chairman
Mike Zwart Managing Director
Rik Harmsen Board Secretary & Public Affairs Manager
Karin Luimers Management Assistant
Nicole Buissing Community Manager
Brennus van Os van den Abeelen Manager Trade Promotion & Internationalisation
Minke Ouwehand Manager Communications & Press Relations
Paul van Egmond Specialist Onshore Wind
André Craens Specialist Offshore Wind
Karen Kooi Specialist Finance & Subsidy Systems
Richard Brakenhoff Specialist Safety & Health and IMVO
Niels Blaauwbroek Specialist Grid Infrastructure
Kees Stiggelbout Specialist Space and Ecology
Joost Pellis Quartermaster MBO Wind Training

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Together with our members, we strive for a strong wind sector and the necessary new policy for a green future.

Arthur van Schendelstraat 600
3511 MJ Utrecht


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