Our committees and working groups determine the substantive course of NedZero.

Participate in committees and working groups, exert direct influence and actively contribute to the development of NedZero positions.

We determine the composition of the committees periodically. Members of NedZero can order themselves available for this. It is also possible to become an agenda member and thus stay informed of all developments.

Onshore wind, offshore wind and export are our main focus areas and have main committees. Specific topics such as grid infrastructure, finances and use of space are dealt with in subcommittees and working groups that report to the main committees.

In the public affairs and communications committees we discuss the strategy for communicating the positions taken.

The main committees for onshore wind and offshore wind are chaired by the vice-chairman of NedZero. The main export committee and all other committees and working groups have a chairman who is elected from among the committee members. Each committee and working group has a secretary, who is an industry specialist from the NedZero team.


Onshore Wind

Development of onshore wind farms at the lowest possible social costs and integrated into the environment as best as possible.

  • Policy, legislation and regulations and spatial plans of governments.
  • The impact of wind energy on the living environment and the energy system.
  • The costs of energy production and grid infrastructure.

View all subcommittees and onshore wind working groups here.

Paul van Egmond Specialist Onshore Wind
Offshore wind

Offshore wind

Development of wind farms in the Dutch North Sea with an eye for the different interests of all stakeholders.

  • Expansion of installed wind energy capacity in the Dutch North Sea.
  • Consultation (site decisions, laws and regulations). 
  • Policy development with government and politics.

View all subcommittees and offshore wind working groups here.

André Craens Specialist Offshore Wind


Unites members from the supporters of IRO, NMT and NedZero. Together we focus on the growth of opportunities for Dutch offshore wind energy companies in the broad supply chain.

  • More insight into foreign markets, internationalization or export opportunities.
  • Strong international network in which the Netherlands is visible as a wind country
  • Trade fairs, missions and events at which the Dutch supply chain can present itself
Brennus van Os van den Abeelen Manager Trade Promotion & Internationalisation
Grid infrastructure

Grid infrastructure

The grid infrastructure committee is particularly relevant given the crucial role of grid connections and infrastructure in the efficient distribution and integration of wind energy into the national and European energy grid.

  • Contribute to the development of strategies and solutions for network challenges
  • Working on improving grid stability
  • Facilitating smooth integration of renewable energy
Niels Blaauwbroek Specialist Grid Infrastructure

Public Affairs

Consultation where the public affairs strategy is coordinated with members.

  • Public affairs issues from NedZero
Rik Harmsen Board Secretary & Public Affairs Manager


Consultation where the communication strategy is coordinated with members.

Minke Ouwehand Manager Communications & Press Relations