Decarbonisation pathways for transport

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Decarbonization trajectories for various types of transport will take center stage during the Energy Reinvented Community event in collaboration with Shell and Deloitte.

Electrification of road transport is top of mind. However, the question also arises for other transport sectors, such as shipping and, in the future, air transport. While the Netherlands is a pioneer with a high and still increasing number of electric chargers, the integrated energy system brings about several opportunities and challenges.

To address existing network congestion, the electricity infrastructure must be upgraded, expanded, and optimized. Simultaneously, innovation and new opportunities emerge, such as battery technologies, the use of electric cars as battery storage and flexible demand, and new mobility concepts in urban areas.

Decarbonization trajectories for transportation sectors, such as heavy trucks for long distances, aviation, and shipping, will also be discussed. Will these sectors use hydrogen? What role will biofuels play? How does this look from the perspective of raw materials and circularity? And what about the innovation and feasibility of synthetic fuels as a long-term solution?

The energy transition calls for new business models and a new energy infrastructure, including the electrification of the industry, the deployment of a hydrogen network, and the storage of CO2. At the same time, players in the energy sector must ensure a measurable return on investments to finance their decarbonization and renewable and clean energy projects.

Companies need to steer their activities to benefit from current and future market requirements and to anticipate policy incentives. Companies forming cross-sector alliances and remaining agile in sometimes volatile market conditions will emerge as leaders in the energy transition.

These challenges and more will be the focal point of the event on November 14, 2024.

Details will follow soon.

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