WindDay 2024

Location: De Kaap, Vlissingen
Address/link: Edisonweg 10, 4382 NW, Vlissingen

13 & 14 JUNE 2024 | de KAAP Vlissingen

Wind energy is the key driver of the transition to a CO₂-neutral society. The development of offshore wind will continue at a rapid pace in the coming years, and significant efforts are being made onshore to achieve the goals. Wind energy is indispensable for a green, prosperous economy.

However, these are challenging times for the wind sector. The formation of a new government raises tensions regarding the direction towards a sustainable society. Additionally, the road to implementation poses challenges as we encounter practical obstacles. The electricity grid is overloaded, the supply chain is under pressure, and there is a significant shortage of skilled professionals needed to meet the demands. Nevertheless, we must continue our efforts to expand our sustainable energy system.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we connect with each other and, through collaboration, accelerate progress in the transition to a powerful, sustainable, and secure energy system.

WindDay brings together all stakeholders to network, exchange ideas and insights, and take action. Keynotes will provide their vision, and in numerous interactive sessions, we will work together to find concrete solutions.

You will have ample opportunities to catch up and network with over 600 existing colleagues and, especially, new partners in the wind sector!

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