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We are NedZero, the trade association for wind energy.

Together with our 300 members, we are making the Dutch energy system CO2-free.

The 300 members of NedZero are diverse: developers, owners, manufacturers, contractors, OEMS, advisors, port companies, knowledge institutions and investors. They have one thing in common; they are all active in the Dutch wind energy sector in their unique way.

Membership of NedZero offers organizations various opportunities.

Networking with professionals and companies in and around the wind sector. Enter into new partnerships, start innovative projects and meet new customers. Stay up to date with the latest innovations, market trends and regulations.

Share experiences and get feedback and advice from other experts in the sector. Follow specialized training, workshops and events focused on the latest developments and challenges.

Advocacy with politicians, government and stakeholders. We are a powerful platform with an influential network, both at national and European level.

Export promotion and internationalization through trade missions and pavilions at foreign trade fairs. We bring the USPs of the Dutch wind sector to international attention and work together with other (European) countries to strengthen the Dutch wind sector.

Increase visibility of your company within the wind sector. This contributes to building a reputation as a committed and progressive company.

Develop and improve standards and norms. NedZero works towards high standards within the sector through certification programs and sharing good examples.

Please contact our Community Manager, Nicole Buissing.

She is ready to answer all your questions and guide you through the steps towards a valuable partnership with NedZero.

Contact details of Nicole Buissing:
Telephone: +31 (0)6 5111 0988

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Together with our members, we strive for a strong wind sector and the necessary new policy for a green future.

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