New: the self-erecting crane system for wind turbines

The Norwegian company WindSpider has received a subsidy for the construction of an innovative self-erecting crane system. The company is now first starting the construction of a complete unit. The crane system is intended for the installation and maintenance of both fixed and floating wind turbines and offers important benefits at lower costs.

Bron: WindSpider


In December 2022, the German energy company RWE signed a Letter of Intent (Lol) with the Norwegian WindSpider for the development of a new modular self-erecting crane system for the installation of onshore and offshore wind turbines.

The technology is in line with RWE's ambition to focus on the growing floating wind energy market in addition to offshore wind energy on fixed foundations. To gain experience at an early stage, RWE participates in several floating demonstration projects, each based on different foundation concepts.

The innovative crane system is now ready for the next step: the development of a full-scale unit. To make this possible, WindSpider will receive NOK 17.5 million (approximately EUR 1.5 million) from the Norwegian investment fund Innovation Norway, for the further development of their aluminum lifting solution, control system and simulator.

Bron: WindSpider

Innovative system

The WindSpider crane is a universal self-erecting solution that uses the turbine tower as support for the installation, maintenance, repowering and decommissioning of wind turbines. WindSpider says on its website that the solution with an effective lifting capacity of +1500 tons is prepared for the next generations of wind turbines at significantly lower costs.


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