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"You connect the Dutch wind sector with politicians and policymakers in the Netherlands and bring the right story to the right place."

What are you going to do?

Climate and energy security are high on the political and social agenda. Wind energy will become the engine block of the new energy supply. The ambitions of the wind sector are therefore high. To accelerate and guide the energy transition, we are looking for the right person to strengthen our team of policy officers. Someone who is the connecting factor between the association and our most important stakeholders such as ministries, provinces, municipalities, other industry associations, NGOs and companies. We are looking for someone who supports the NedZero agency to bring the right story to the right place - in close consultation with the members.

As a policy officer you are responsible for a number of sub-areas of the entire association agenda in terms of content and process. You fulfill the role of secretary for a number of committees and working groups. As secretary you are responsible for the process surrounding committees, so you are responsible for drawing up policy positions and helping to solve bottlenecks in policy and regulations. In concrete terms, you do this by writing “position papers”, responses to official government documents, and you also express our views in various forums.

You are able to listen to the opinions of members, are able to weigh up interests and channel member input well. As secretary you form a close team with the chairman of the relevant committee. In addition, you work closely and coordinate carefully with your fellow policy officers, the board secretary, the communications manager and public affairs manager. Your report hierarchically to the director of the agency and functionally to the board secretary.

What are you taking with you?

Work experience is not decisive, but the right competencies and personality are. Please apply for this position if you:

What do you get back?

Where are you going to work?

As a trade association, NedZero represents companies throughout the chain of the wind sector: on land and at sea, including developers, builders, consultants, installers and maintenance companies. NedZero's primary mission is to promote the development of wind energy with a view to a sustainable Dutch energy supply and to make an important contribution to the Dutch economy.

With its mission, NedZero contributes to a low-carbon society and helps build the new economy every day, in the interest of our sector that is active within and outside the Netherlands. NedZero realizes this assignment through policy advocacy and networking. NedZero has daily contact with policymakers, politicians and organizations such as knowledge institutes and NGOs. In the European context, NedZero is closely aligned with WindEurope.


The recruitment & selection for this vacancy is handled exclusively by kWh People . You can apply directly here .

For questions, please contact: Thedo Boer 06 51 83 18 34,

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Together with our members, we strive for a strong wind sector and the necessary new policy for a green future.

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